About Your Conference

Do you have suggestions for basic conference call etiquette?

Minimize or eliminate potential sources of background noise during your teleconference.
• Always identify yourself before speaking during a conference call.
• Address teleconference participants by name. This has the same effect as making eye contact when meeting in person.
• Pause before responding. Try counting to three before replying to prevent interrupting another conference call participant.
• Tactfully move sensitive issues or questions offline. For example, "Rob, I understand your concern. I will call you later today to discuss this issue."
• Listen actively. Clarify what another person said by paraphrasing what you heard.


How can I conduct a more successful, efficient conference call?

Prepare an agenda, and distribute it to your teleconference participants before the conference call begins.
• Start on time.
• Kick off your conference call with an enthusiastic greeting and a roll call.
• Ask questions to involve participants and increase teleconference participation.
• Never place your line on hold. It often activates your on-hold music, disrupting your conference call.
• Address teleconference participants by name.
• End your conference on time, and end it clearly, making sure everyone is off the line. If participants stay on the call after the Moderator has dropped, these minutes will show on your bill unless Auto Continuation is activated.