Conferencing Tips

All Conferencing puts you in control of your conference call. The following tips will help you conduct your automated teleconference as professionally as possible.

Know Your Conference Passcode

Unless an All Conferencing Support Specialist organizes your conference, entering a passcode is the only way to access your conference call. Your passcode will be assigned to you when you set up your account. You have three opportunities to enter your passcode. If your third attempt fails, contact All Conferencing customer service to verify the audio meeting time, passcode and dial-in telephone number.

Limit Distribution of allconferencing Call Information

When faxing or e-mailing the telephone number for your conference, take an extra step to verify the fax number or e-mail address before transmitting the document. Only share the dial-in number and passcode with the people you have authorized to attend your conference call. Due to the 24/7 access of All Conferencing, we recommend limiting the distribution of your passcode to prevent misuse of your account.

Before Your Conference Call

Kick off your conference with a roll call. Then enable the entry and exit tones so you are aware when participants join and leave the call. When you hear an entry tone, it helps to ask, “Who just joined us?”

Identify Yourself When Speaking

State your name when speaking during your conference to avoid confusion. For example, say, “This is Melissa, and I think....”

Never Place Your Line on Hold

If you must step away from the conference for a moment, do not place your line on hold. The on-hold music will be played into the teleconference already in progress. If another conference call participant sends on-hold music into your conference, press *0 for assistance from a reservation operator.